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Dave's Daily Devo - August 17

  • 2016 Aug 17

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Psalm 144


Dilma Rouseff is Brazil’s first female president. As a young militant she has survived 22 days of electric shocks and torture. As an older woman, she survived malignancy, but now in her second term the big question is whether or not she will survive again or be impeached. She’s accused of complicity in a 2.1 billion dollar embezzlement scheme at Petroleo Brasileiro SA, the government owned oil company. This is not my first trip to Brazil. There’s always talk about lying and deception, but the Petrobras case, the biggest Brazilian scandal ever, has people talking from the top down.

During my first lunch immediately after arriving in Brazil the conversation at the table turned to the present crisis. As the discussion ranged from who was to blame and why, one of the participants brought some humor into the mix.

“Have you heard the joke about the missionary who just arrived in Brazil in the taxi? As they left the Sao Paulo Airport, the taxi driver initiated the conversation. ‘Lying, fraud, deceit—it never ends here in my country. Aqueles politicos sao farinha do mesmo saco, sao todos corruptus (These politicians-- flour from the same bag. They’re all corrupt).’

The missionary smiled. She was a veteran and knew Sao Paulo well. ‘That interesting. The problem is all at the top? Then why have you been driving in a circle? We’ve driven by that landmark over there four times.’”

David knew all about corrupt leaders and liars, and he asked the LORD for deliverance.

“Redeem me and deliver me from the hand of foreigners—those who use their mouths to speak empty words and whose right hand is a right hand of lies.” - Psalm 145:10-11

LORD, it’s easy for me to laugh at the hypocrisy of the taxi driver or to point my finger at the corrupt Brazilian politicians. It’s harder for me to let You put Your hand over my mouth or grab my right hand when I go to say something that’s only hot air or use my strong hand in a corrupt action. May Your Spirit guard the opening of my mouth and the actions of my hands, both right and left today.

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