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Dave's Daily Devo - August 26

  • 2016 Aug 26

All Creatures of Our God and King

Psalm 145


It’s a steep walk down the hill to the Lago Dourado. Almost every afternoon after teaching here at Word of Life in Atibaia, I’ve hiked to this small lake, and then stretched out my legs walking the perimeter before hiking back up the hill. Yesterday, three ducks turned final, swept down the lake, and then landed on the southeast corner. They joined a black swan and about twenty domesticated white ducks. As I made the turn at the end of the lake, I had to be quiet not to disturb between ten and twenty Capybara. These are the largest rodents in the world, and they must have been strongly cursed by the fall of man because they’ve got to be some of the ugliest creatures on earth.

It’s winter here in Brazil, the opposite of August in Texas, but on my walk all these animals are alive like it’s spring. The surrounding hills are lush in their vibrant green coats, and there are orchids blooming on almost every tree. It’s Brazil, like Eden.

In Psalm 145 King David declares “The LORD is good to all. His mercy is over all His creatures. Everything You have made praises You. Your faithful ones bless You.” - Psalm 145: 9-10

Yesterday morning we met for student chapel at the Word of Life Seminary. This is their spiritual emphasis week, so I turned our attention back to the beginning, to Genesis 1, where Moses introduces us to the Creator who turns on the lights in the darkness, takes a world flooded with water and gives the gift of dry ground. Next He creates an atmosphere with the perfect mix of gases for us to breathe and carpets the dry ground with lush grass and plants. Then He fills the waters with fish and the sky with birds. Animals begin to roam the land and finally at the climax of the six days, He creates us in His image, to be like Him, as we rule as His agents in His wondrous kingdom—earth.

What a wondrous gift to obey King David’s words and remember God’s wondrous works in creation and extol His deeds from my generation to theirs - (Psalm 145:3).

LORD, as I walk around the lake, it’s easy to focus only on the pace of my steps, my heart rate, and the burn in my legs.  I challenged the students this morning to stop and personally experience Your power, Your goodness, and Your wonder revealed in Genesis 1-2:3.  LORD, help me to do the same. I need to personally live my message. Help me to realize that even those Capybaras are Your gift. As they rest in the sun and occasionally slide into the water, they teach me to take it easy, slow down, and not miss the orchids and flowers.

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