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Dave's Daily Devo - August 30

  • 2016 Aug 30

A Widow’s Hope

Psalm 147


After teaching two sessions on Proverbs to my nephew’s class here at the Word of Life Seminary in Brazil, we ate lunch and then Artemis invited us over for coffee zinio and a chocolate sweet. Over the strong coffee, she caught us up on her daughters spread from Brazil to Australia to the U.S. and then I asked her, “Artemis, how about you? How are you doing?” She hesitated and then said slowly those tough words, “I’m a widow!”

My three translators have done an awesome job the last couple of weeks, but all the other times I’ve come to Brazil, Carlos was always at my side. We both went to Dallas Seminary, and he was a top student in both his Masters and his Ph.D. When he translated for me and I gave an illustration about the Dallas Cowboys, he instantly changed it to one of the top futebol teams here in Brazil and communicated the truth better than I.  Mary and I have been together with Carlos and Artemis many times both in Dallas and in Brazil, but last October, a serious infection attacked Carlos’ weakened immune system on a Sunday. Artemis took her husband to the emergency room for what she thought was a trip to get some strong antibiotics; instead, Carlos spiraled down, not able to fight both bone cancer and the serious infection. On Wednesday he went home to be with Jesus.

I miss my friend, the best translator I’ve ever worked with, and I pray for Artemis and his daughters as they near that mark that means that Carlos has already been in heaven a year. I’m so thankful that Jesus’ comforting hugs are much stronger than mine as He weeps with Artemis but also promises to reunite this family forever.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” - Psalm 147:3

LORD, powerfully comfort Artemis. Seminário Bíblico Palavrada Vidamisses their beloved teacher who played such a crucial role in biblically training so many men and women. Continue to heal Artemis’ wounded heart.

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