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Dave's Daily Devo - August 31

  • 2016 Aug 31

Wild Turkeys

Psalm 147


The wild turkey was sitting in David and Cindy Cox’s mulberry tree about thirty feet up, near the top, devouring berries. Cindy called David. The turkey was only thirty yards from their kitchen window, and David was able to get off multiple shots—with his Canon digital. The bird took no notice and was still enjoying the feast more than an hour later when I took another look.

In Psalm 147 one of Israel’s inspired songwriters didn’t write about Brazilian turkeys, but he had this to say about the young ravens.

“He provides food for the cattle and for the young ravens when they call.” - Psalm 147:9

Well, I’m not a wild turkey, but during the two weeks that I lived with Dave and Cindy, missionaries with Word of Life Brazil, I had breakfast every morning either with them or with my sister and brother-in-law, also missionaries in Brazil for over fifty years. In both homes I saw a constant line of visiting pastors, former and present students, young couples, older couples, and brothers and sisters from their church sitting down at their tables or finding a bed for the night. New Testament caring and sharing are alive and well in Brazil.

LORD, getting to enjoy early spring-later winter in Brazil got me up close to not only their wild turkeys, but also those Capybaras.  I join the Psalmist in praising You for Your personal care of wild animals, including the mulberry feast. The bird wasn’t worried so help me listen to Your Son and rest in Your loving care as I begin another semester teaching at Southern Bible and teaching 1 Corinthians on Truth Encounter.

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