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The Right Words Of Confession - Dave's Daily Devo - February 12

  • 2019 Feb 12


The Right Words Of Confession

Hosea 14:1-3

“Pastor Dave, my life is all messed up. My own family won’t have anything to do with me because I’ve lied so many times. I still remember how much I loved to sing, ‘Yes, Jesus loves me’ as a kid. If you can just loan me a hundred dollars, just one more time, I promise I can start to get back on my feet. I’ll pay you back and I will be at church on Sunday.”

I’ve given the hundred dollars, prayed with them and listened as they told the Lord how they need him to give them life, and then a few weeks later they got another DWI, and on Sunday it’s a no show.

False cries for forgiveness, nice sounding words of confession that evaporate as quickly as a Texas morning fog, discourage me. They tempt me to get cynical, but then I remember that Hosea faced this same con.

In Hosea 6:1-3 Hosea shared how the people spoke about returning to the LORD, looked to him for healing, and even said they were going to be intimate with him again, but the whole thing was phony and mechanical. But now as Hosea comes to the end of his book and these hardened, arrogant con artists and rebels have faced God’s devastating judgment as a result of their sin, he still continues to appeal to them and tells them what they need to bring when they come.

“Return, O Israel, to the LORD, your God, for you have stumbled in your sin. 
Take words with you and return to the LORD. Say to him, ‘Completely lift away our sin and receive us graciously so that we can offer the fruit of our lips as a peace offering. Assyria can’t save us. We will not mount war-horses. And we will never say again, ‘our god’ to what our hands have made because only in you is there compassion for the orphan.” Hosea 14:1-3

This is not about carrying out some nice religious ceremony. It’s about leveling with God, and all we can bring are truthful words. Hosea calls for a concrete confession of their pride, their past reliance upon their own resources, and their trust in gods who never could see, hear, or deliver. But when they recognize that, like orphans, they have no claim upon God’s fatherly compassion, then God will respond and save them.

That’s why today when we come to Jesus for salvation, we sing these words, ‘Just as I am without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me. To him whose blood can cleanse each spot, O Lamb of God I come, I come.” These are the words anyone can bring to God anywhere, any time, and he will deliver.

LORD, may some of my friends, who have been reading these devos because they want to understand this Jewish prophet but who have never come to you as an orphan and simply confessed their sins and asked you to forgive them and take them into your family solely based upon your Son’s death and resurrection, bring those words to you today.

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