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Dave's Daily Devo - February 13, 2018

  • 2018 Feb 13

Murderer or Savior?

Acts 7:23-29

You worked late and when you walked out into the winter parking lot, it was dark. Fumbling to find the button to unlock your car, a powerful arm suddenly grabbed you. You felt the gun in the small of your back. “Unlock the door and get in. We’re going for a ride.”

Shaking, you settled in behind the wheel. Your attacker never took the barrel of the pistol away from its target. Then as he began to open the passenger door, it happened. Your attacker was wheeled around, wrestled to the pavement. A gun shot. “Hey, you’re okay. My name is Brad. Saw you were in trouble and decided to help.”    

Your assailant and potential kidnapper was mortally wounded in the fight. Now, how do you feel about Brad coming to your defense? Murder or justifiable homicide?    

When Moses the prince of Egypt turned forty, instead of remaining in the comfort of Pharaoh’s palace, he decided to go out to check on his true people. In his defense before the Sanhedrin in Acts 7, Stephen takes us to this episode in Moses life. Check out how he retells the episode and see if Stephen thinks Moses was a violent villain or potential savior.

“When Moses turned forty, he decided to go out and see for himself the condition of his brothers, the Israelites. When he saw one of them being treated unjustly by an Egyptian, he came to the defense of his brother. Striking down the Egyptian, he thought his brothers would understand that God would deliver them by his hand. But they didn’t understand.

The next day Moses saw two Israelites fighting. Trying to reconcile them and bring peace between them, he said, ‘Men, why are you trying to harm each other?’ The one who was in the wrong, seeking to hurt his fellow Israelite, pushed Moses aside, ‘Who put you in charge? Who made you a ruler and judge over us? Do you intend to slay me like you did the Egyptian? ‘

When Moses heard this, he fled and became an alien in the land of Midian, where he had two sons.” Acts 7:23-29

In Acts 7 the Sanhedrin’s charge against Stephen was that he rejected Moses and the Law. By using this episode in Moses’ early career he turns the table on his accusers. Like their forefathers, they are the ones rejecting Moses. Worse—they are rejecting the Savior Moses predicted would come – a Deliverer far greater than himself.

LORD, thank you for Moses’ courage and for his love for his brother. Today keep my friends on the Midlothian, Dallas, and Fort Worth police departments safe as they do their jobs. If they face situations where they have to take a life in order to save a life, help them to remember Moses who came to the defense of his brother and defended the innocent.

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