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Dave's Daily Devo - February 15, 2017

  • 2017 Feb 15

A Glass of Water

Luke 6:20-21


The man was obviously homeless. Unshaven, dirty, mismatched shoes and holes. “May I have a glass of water?” The manager of the fast food restaurant got hot. “No! Now get out of here. And don’t come back!”

One of my Southern Bible Institute students witnessed this scene over the weekend and was sharing about how much it hurt to see this man rejected. “When the manager turned her attention to her paying customers, my little boy said, ‘Mom, she could’ve at least given him some water.’ He knew instinctively that this angry, hateful attitude was not right.”  My student shared this incident because she had been touched as she fulfilled her homework assignment to meditate on Psalm 41. It begins, “Blessed are those who are considerate toward the poor because in the day of trouble the I AM will deliver them.”

When Luke gives us an opportunity to hear why all the crowds were rushing to hear Jesus teach, we realize that Jesus was not making up new doctrine when He lifted up His eyes to His disciples and said,

“Blessed are the poor for yours is the Kingdom of God.
Blessed are you who are hungry now because you will be satisfied.
Blessed are those who weep now because you will laugh.”  Luke 6:20-21

Luke’s Gospel does not idealize poverty, but from the beginning he shows us that it’s not the rich and powerful like Augustus Caesar, Herod the Great, or the influential, successful religious leaders in Jerusalem who humbly open their hearts to Jesus, God’s Son. It is the poor like Mary in Nazareth, Elizabeth in Judea, and Galilean fishermen like Peter and Andrew.  It’s the poor who receive the blessing of Jesus’ Kingdom.

I need to realize that if I’m going to be a good ambassador for Jesus’ Kingdom, the next time I see a homeless person who needs water, I better give and not ignore.

LORD, there are law enforcement officers in our student body at Southern Bible and other governmental officials who are seeking to deal compassionately with the homeless. Give them Your compassion and Your wisdom. Bless my TA who teaches the homeless every Monday. Thanks for their hunger to understand Your Word, and for genuine change taking place in some lives.

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