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Dave's Daily Devo - February 16, 2018

  • 2018 Feb 16

Living Words

Acts 7:37-38


Yesterday I ate lunch with a local business owner. His company makes steel conveyors, and he was telling me about the quotes his sales people were making to potential buyers and the need to accurately track these potential sales.  I asked, “You mean buyers can actually count on the truth of these quotes? If they place an order, you’ll design a conveyor to meet their needs, and deliver it for the expected price?” “Of course!” he laughed. But in Kenya where I ministered this is not the case.    

Contracts, business quotes, making the product, and delivering—in Kenya it’s all up for grabs. Why? Because simple ethical standards like “Don’t steal,” “Don’t bear false witness,” and “Don’t covet” are not obeyed. Want to make things happen? Bribe! What’s the result? A country with treasures in natural resources has multi-million dollar government officials, but roads are not finished and children don’t have enough food to eat.     

As Stephen continued to remind the leaders of the Jewish people in Jerusalem about their history, note what he called those famous words God spoke to Moses at Mt. Sinai.

“This is the Moses, the one who said to the sons of Israel, ‘God will raise up a prophet for you like me out of your brothers.’ Moses was in the assembly with his people in the wilderness. He was also with the Divine Messenger, the One who spoke to him at Mt. Sinai and to our forefathers. Moses received living words to give to us.” - Acts 37-38

Some of our business friends might not read the Bible much or listen to a preacher, but we can share with them that the very life of their daily business depends upon the moral standards God wrote on those Tablets. And while we’re sharing, what about that Jewish prophet who God promised would be like Moses?

LORD, by the power of your Spirit, help me to be a man of my word who does live out the thrust of your Ten Commandments, not by my own power, but by the power of being in Christ. Use Truth Encounter to cause this life-giving Good News to be lived out more here in the U.S. and in Kenya.

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