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Dave's Daily Devo - January 10, 2018

  • 2018 Jan 10

GettingThe Crowd

Acts 3:11-12


My son Joel texted me on Sunday after the game, “Dad, you have any supernatural connections for tickets to the game next week?”

My dad was good friends with Coach Landry and got to speak to the team before some games, but I had to tell Joel, “I wish, but my connections for tickets are all in heaven.”

Tickets for the big game are going for $800 to more than $7000. When you’ve got the real deal happening, it’s not hard to get a crowd.    

This is true in football, and it was also true in the first century when the Apostle Peter and John healed the lame man and then walked with him into the Temple area called Solomon’s portico built against the eastern wall.

“While the now healed lame man hung on to Peter and John, all the people rushed to them in the portico called Solomon’s amazed at the miracle. When Peter saw their amazement, he addressed the people. ‘Men of Israel, why are you so astonished over this miracle, and why do you look at us as if by our own power and godliness this man is now walking?’” Acts 3:11-12

Whether it’s a football game or a spiritual gathering, when the real thing happens, it’s not hard to get a crowd. When we gather as believers if there’s no power or authenticity, then all the state of the art media won’t be enough to get folks to stay.

LORD, thanks for the incredible communication tools you’ve given to us, but help me to realize that unless your Spirit works, it’s all just a show. And thanks that it’s not my giftedness or godliness that turns on your divine power. Please pour your power into Southern Bible as we begin another semester, and this week use Truth Encounter to generate the real thing as people read the Devos and listen to our broadcast.

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