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From Holidays To Judgment - Dave's Daily Devo - January 2

  • 2019 Jan 02


From Holidays To Judgment   

Hosea 9:1-7

As we begin 2019,  the #metoo movement has taken our culture a long way from 1969 when the Sundance Kid held his pistol on the teacher Etta Place, supposedly forcing her to unbutton her gown. Back then the secular culture preached that morals were relative, especially when it came to sex, and the days of liberation and joy would come if humans simply gave in to their passions and let free love flow. 

Now suddenly right and wrong are back in style. Who can deny that it’s wrong for the powerful to take advantage of the vulnerable? Who can ignore the real emotional and physical pain when men and women think the 7thcommandment is outdated?    Timereported that many companies this year cut back on the booze at their Christmas parties trying to curtail the possibility of sexual harassment and other unwelcome sexual advances.  

We tend to think that all these problems with sex and alcohol during the holidays are new. In fact eight hundred years before Jesus, the Jewish prophet Hosea warned his people against abusing sex and alcohol. Things were so bad that the Israelites had turned God’s three annual festivals into drunken orgies and they didn’t need fancy hotel beds. 

“Don’t’ rejoice, Israel!

Don’t dance for joy like other nations! 

For you have prostituted yourself away from your God. 

You love the pay you receive for the sexual pleasures you give upon every grain threshing- floor. 

Threshing- floor and wine press will not feed them; the new wine will fail them.

They will not continue to live in the LORD’s land. 

Ephraim will return to Egypt, and in Assyria they will eat unclean food. 

They will not pour out wine offerings to the LORD.

They will not offer to him their sacrifices. 

Their bread will be the bread of mourners.

All who eat it will be defiled.  

All their bread will be for their stomachs. It will not enter the LORD’s house. 

What shall you do on the day of your appointed feast, the day of the LORD’s festival? 

Even if they walk away from destruction, Egypt will gather them. Memphis will bury them. 

Their treasures of silver—the weed will overtake them. 

The thorn will dispossess them from their tents. 

The days of punishment have come. 

The payday for your sin has come.

Let Israel know this. Hosea 9:1-7

Because Israel turned the three major annual feasts when they were supposed to go up to Jerusalem and worship the LORD into drunken sex orgies at harvest time, God declared that their exile was imminent. He would reverse the deliverance of the Exodus. They would become captives in Assyria. And those who escaped to Egypt would find only their own grave. 

All this treachery against the Ten Commandments was not done by pagans. It was God’s people who had become intoxicated with illicit sex.  As we begin 2019, sex has become a political football on both the Left and the Right, but if I hear Hosea correctly, it’s far more important to allow the Spirit to generate purity among God’s people than to be all concerned about the sex lives of pagans. 

LORD, thanks that you command us to celebrate sexual intercourse in our marriage, and to realize that fornication and adultery are not acts of liberation, but acts of treachery and death. Help us to worship you and not the false god of personal passion. This year, use the life and joy that flows from obedience to you to move unbelievers to want to get in on the true liberating celebration. 

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