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Dave's Daily Devo - January 30, 2017

  • 2017 Jan 30

Blood On The Table

Luke 4:40-41


When the sedate, honored Lord Grantham struggled to stand in the midst of a formal dinner with Neville Chamberlain and started vomiting blood, Julian Fellowes once again shocked his Downton Abbey’s audience.

What caught my attention, however, was not the blood, but how Mr. Carson, his devoted butler, struggled to face the hard fact that in an instant he could lose the man he had devoted his entire life to. When he gave the report on the master’s condition to the Help, he told them about the successful gastro-abdominal surgery and then said, “Life is short. Death is sure. That is all we know.”

But is this all we know? According to Dr. Luke, we should know far more.

“Now as the sun was setting, they brought all those with illnesses, those with various diseases, to Jesus. Now He was placing His hand on each one, and he was healing them. He was also casting demons out of many as the demons screamed, ‘You are the Son of God.’ But He rebuked them, not permitting them to say these things, because they knew that He was the Messiah.” - Luke 4:40-41

Luke’s summary of Jesus’ Capernaum ministry makes it clear: Jesus is the Son of God, God’s anointed King, and when His Kingdom comes, and His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven, there will be no more bloody events like what was dramatized on Sunday night’s Masterpiece Theater. The really good news is that, unlike Fellowes, Luke is not making up a storyline to rev up Nielson Ratings.   

Luke makes it clear that in a small town in Galilee Jesus had power over sickness and demons, but Luke’s account does raise some serious questions. If Jesus is God’s Son and the Messiah, why didn’t He let the demons shout out His true identity? And a tougher question, why didn’t Jesus simply eradicate all disease so that this week our medical researchers wouldn’t have to contend against another international health emergency, the Zika virus?    

To begin to move toward an answer to these questions, we have to think about the purpose of Jesus’ first coming to earth. Was the plan to use His infinite divine omnipotence to eradicate all disease and suffering and to clean up the mess we made of earth? If He had done this, would He have died on the cross? If not, what would happen to all of us who sin?   

Demons know who Jesus is, and they want to force the question. They do not, however, believe and trust. Luke makes it clear that we have to make the choice. Will we freely, personally decide to receive Jesus as our Healer, Savior, and King?

LORD, again and again I’ve rushed to the emergency room in real life as a pastor. Thanks that Luke’s Gospel assures me that when I pray to Jesus, He does have the power and authority to deal with any emergency. Thanks most of all that when it looks like disease and death have won, I can be assured that because of the resurrection, this won’t be the End of the Story.

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