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Dave's Daily Devo - July 1

  • 2016 Jul 01

Never Sleeps

Psalm 121

I pretend that jet lag doesn’t affect me. Mary picked me up at 9:30 PM at DFW after I traveled about 23 hours, including crossing the International Dateline that meant I went back a day in time. Sunday morning I got up normal time, had my devo, went to church, had lunch with friends, visited, and even looked at some land that was for sale. Sunday night was the first sign. My sleep that night was up and down. Though I tried to pretend it was 12:00 AM when my internal clock said it was two in the afternoon—time to be just finishing my teaching hours in Korea and lunch with the students.

Monday morning it was easy to get up at 6:30; it felt like 8:30 in the evening Korean time. I went to breakfast and discussed Matthew 24 with a group of men. Monday afternoon, I even did my usual workout routine. The first sign that jet lag was definitely part of the equation was when Mary had to grab the remote from me while we watched the news at 10:00 PM Monday night.

I didn’t wake up until Jenae, my daughter in Alabama, called. It was 10:15 Tuesday morning. I had been totally lost to the world for more than twelve hours. If any member of my family had needed help during those twelve hours, I was AWOL! That’s why when the poet in Psalm 121 makes this declaration about how my Heavenly Father keeps His guard duty, it blows me away,

“Certainly, the One who watches (“keeps watch,” “guards,” “protects”) over Israel, never slumbers or sleeps…The LORD will watch over when we go out and when we return for now and forever.” Psalm 121:4, 8

LORD, You’re amazing. First of all thanks for expanding Your family to include Gentiles in Christ (Galatians 3:14). Then thanks for being an Abba who never falls asleep. I can’t even stay awake and alert for a couple of days. You do it forever. Thanks for answering the prayers of our Truth Encounter family who prayed for me when I got on the plane for South Korea and when I got off in Dallas—safe and back home. Thanks that while I was unconscious to the world Monday night You kept right on being alert and vigilant—protecting Your children, not only here but across all the time zones. Hallelujah!

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