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Steady Focus in Uncertainty - Dave's Daily Devo - July 10

  • 2018 Jul 10


Steady Focus In Uncertainty

Acts 20:22-24

He’s put in years of all-nighters on call. He’s lost count of the number of babies he’s delivered and the routine and challenging emergencies where two lives were at stake. In his early sixties there are yearnings to slow down the pace at least a little.

We were at the lake relaxing and my OBGYN friend was sharing from his heart. He loves what he does, but is it time to commit more time to training younger doctors and letting their younger bodies endure some of the all night wear and tear? Suddenly he revealed his top priority. “Dave, I don’t know whether it’s because I’m older and more secure in my career or what, but I’m getting more and more opportunities to share my faith and this has become a major driving force in my practice. One thing I’m not going to let go of are all the personal contacts I have with patients and the opportunities to tell then about the gift Jesus wants to give them.”

I can’t get his words out of my heart. Like the Apostle Paul, he’s discovered what life’s race is about. Paul reveals his “one thing” to the Ephesian elders in Miletus.

“And now, look, having been bound by the Spirit, I’m going to Jerusalem. I don’t know what will happen to me there, except that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that that bonds and persecutions await me. But I don’t consider my life of any value to myself compared with my purpose to finish my mission and the ministry I received from the Lord Jesus—the task of testifying to the Good News of God’s grace.”   Acts 20:22-24

Many of the things I lived for in my thirties, forties, and fifties have lost their motivating power, but with Paul and my doctor friend, the joy of helping others to discover that Jesus has an amazing free gift to give them keeps intensifying with age.

LORD, thanks for friends not only in medicine, but also in dentistry, manufacturing, construction, and education who gently but consistently help others discover Jesus’ grace in the natural connections you give because of their work.

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