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Dave's Daily Devo - July 12

  • 2016 Jul 12

The Sacketts 

Psalm 127

My most comfortable clothing is a good pair of Lee jeans, a wide leather belt (sometimes with the big silver buckle), a casual shirt, and boots. This attire is not the result of living more than forty years in Texas or the fact that I married a Nebraskan from ranch country in the Sand Hills. My dad’s children’s camp in Upstate New York was called Word of Life Ranch where every Thursday we had a rodeo and during the week as a program director I not only wore the jeans and boots but a black powder six gun (there were blanks in the cylinder) as well. That’s why when Mary’s dad introduced me to Louis L’Amour it wasn’t hard for me to relate to his Old West setting and Old Testament sense of family and justice.

L’Amour, America’s story teller, sold millions of books and their plot was the same. His Sackett stories prove the point. In the beginning one of the Sacketts gets in bad trouble with some really bad guys. He almost loses his life, sometimes getting shot so many times his body resembles swiss cheese; but when his brothers find out, they all come a runnin and in the climax they protect their brother and defeat the bad guys. Sounds like Louis L’Amour was reading Psalm 127, only he changed the arrows to six guns.

“Like arrows in the warrior’s hand, are the sons born in youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They shall not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies at the gate” - Psalm 127:4-5

LORD, thanks for the three sons You filled my quiver with as a young man. Certainly, their commitment to You and to Mary and me gives me not only a lot of joy but a special sense of security as well. And thanks for our daughter who is used as powerfully as her brothers in encouraging me because of her intense loyalty to Jesus and her passion to keep up the good fight.

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