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Dave's Daily Devo - July 27

  • 2016 Jul 27

Love that Lasts

Psalm 136


Seventeen romantic novels about enduring, lifelong, faithful love generated millions for novelist Nicholas Sparks.  Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams brought the magic of his love stories to millions on the big screen in ‘The Notebook’, but then after twenty-five years of marriage and five children, he and his wife, Cathy, announced they were separating. Human love, even when it does last a lifetime, isn’t strong enough. That’s why our Old Testament brothers and sisters sang their love song to the only One whose love endures forever.

Twenty-six times in Psalm 136 after their worship leader challenged them to “Give thanks to the LORD” and gave them strong reasons to do so, they responded with—

“because forever is His hesed—His loyal, gracious, dependable, covenant love.” - Psalm 136:1-26

LORD, move my heart today to join these Old Testament believers in declaring that only Your hesed endures forever. May my love for Mary flow from this eternal source of gracious kindness and dependability. As a pastor, it hurts me deeply to see marriage breakups move like an ebola outbreak through our local church. Use me to help young believers in the next generation to ground their marriages in Your hesed poured out on Calvary and not on romantic fiction.

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