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Dave's Daily Devo - June 15, 2017

  • 2017 Jun 15

Explosive Permeating Growth

Luke 13:18-19


This plant started as a tiny leaf coming up through the dry mulch in our front flowerbed. As you can see, it has exploded in growth. I even cut it back once, and it came on even stronger. It’s not a twenty-foot mustard tree generated from a tiny seed, but it has given me insight into what Jesus said the Kingdom of God is like.

“Therefore what is the Kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? It’s like a mustard seed—a seed a man takes and throws it in his garden. And it grows and becomes a tree and the birds of the heaven nest in its branches.” - Luke 13:18-19   

Jesus used a second illustration that my wife, Mary, instantly gets better than I since she loves to bake homemade, fresh bread.

“And again Jesus said, ‘To what shall I compare the Kingdom of God? It’s like yeast—yeast a woman takes and hides in about thirty-five liters of flour (That’s about sixty pounds, enough to feed over one hundred. This lady has a lot of dough on her hands) until it leavens the entire batch.’” Luke 13:20

When Mary and I look back over how the Lord has worked in our lives, we see a small group of eight families in July of 1973. They met in a circle in a childcare facility wanting to start a church. Midlothian Bible Church was born and from this tiny seed, Jesus went on to generate several other churches. What’s amazing is that Jesus’ Kingdom is still growing, and it certainly isn’t limited to Texas or the U.S.

In Kenya over 950 bishops, pastors, and lay leaders came to our Truth Encounter Ministry Schools on biblical leadership.  The bishops were from eleven different denominations, all united in hungering to learn more about what God’s Word says about servant leadership. In the first conference a small seed was planted and the second year our attendance nearly tripled. Please pray that this teaching of the Word will now be like leaven—a permeating influence that touches churches, schools, businesses, and even hospitals in western Kenya with Christ’s authority.

LORD, like the plant growing in our front flower bed, keep Your Kingdom growing not only here in Midlothian, but in Kenya and around the world. Help me not to get discouraged when it appears at times that Your work has become invisible. Like the leavening of yeast, help me to realize You are busy penetrating lives with the truth about Your Son.

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