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The Cravings - Dave's Daily Devo - June 22

  • 2018 Jun 22


The Cravings

Psalms 106:14-16

All they wanted was some meat—a small change in their “manna” diet! How could this possibly be such a bad idea? After all, it’s only food. But immediately after the Psalmist reminds me about Israel’s praise service on the safe side of the Red Sea, he goes on to cite the story in Numbers 11 when the Israelites got quail meat stuck in their teeth.

“Quickly they forgot his deeds, they did not wait on His counsel.  They felt an intense craving in the desert. They tested God in the dry waste. So he gave them their request. He sent food down their throats.” Psalm 106:14-16

When I go back and read the account in Numbers 11: 4-34, I discover that the griping against God began with the riffraff in the camp and then spread to the rest of the Israelites. Everyone started crying and turned the slave diet in Egypt into a five star meal. Moses almost quit because of the griping. How could he provide millions with fresh meat out in the middle of nowhere? Then the wind began to blow off the Red Sea, and the Lord dumped bushels of quail on the Israelite camp.

It didn’t end, however, in a joyous banquet. Instead they had to have funeral services for those who died from the plague that broke out against those who quickly acted on their lust for meat and failed to follow God’s instructions for the preparation of meat. The place was called Kibroth-Hattaavah—“Graves of Lust.”

Lord, give me power to resist the lie deep inside that says, “If I desire it, I should have it.” Help me to wait on your provision and when you do provide, not just give in to brute passion. Give me wisdom to know when I’m dealing with a group that has gathered to gripe and divide or when they have gathered to unite and submit to wise Spirit-controlled leadership.

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