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Mutiny in God's Family - Dave's Daily Devo - June 25

  • 2018 Jun 25


Mutiny In God’s Family

Psalm 106:16-18

When I covet the position the Lord has given to another, especially when I believe I am as gifted or more gifted than they are, I run the risk of getting swallowed up by jealousy. In Christ’s family we have all received gifts from the Holy Spirit, but this does not mean that we all get to play the same role. It is deadly to usurp a role the Lord hasn’t chosen for us to play.

In Numbers 16, Korah gathered a cohort of other Levites and decided that they had as much right to the High Priesthood as Aaron. On the political side Dothan and Abiram of the tribe of Reuben (Jacob’s firstborn) gathered two hundred well-known community leaders and decided it was time to mutiny against Moses. With Korah they conspired to seize the religious and political control over God’s people and take them back to Egypt.  This is the mutiny the psalmist has in mind in Psalm 106:16-18.

“And they were jealous of Moses in the camp, and of Aaron, the LORD’s holy one. The earth opened and swallowed Dothan and covered Abiram’s band. Fire burned through their band. Fire consumed the wicked.”

The psalmist reminds me of the consequences of rebellion.  Jealousy can lead to rebellion against the Lord—an act of high treason in Old Israel and the sentence was death.  Korah’s sudden burial and the incineration of Dothan and Abiram face me with the penalty of high treason against the King of Kings. Their judgment needs to purge me of the jealousy that leads to the rejection of the spiritual leaders the Lord has placed over me.

Lord, at this time in my life help me to rest secure in the positions and the responsibilities you have given me. Expose my pride that causes me to compete and struggle against those I falsely believe are in positions I deserve. May your Spirit generate the humility you produced in Moses and also the strength to recognize and resist when wicked attacks are mounted against godly leaders.

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