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Dave's Daily Devo - June 3

  • 2016 Jun 03

Open Spaces Or Tight Spots

Psalm 119:41-48

Joseph drove us around Kenya for two weeks and kept us safe—pure grace when considering Kenya’s roads and drivers. “So Dave,” he asked on our last day together, “What do you think about driving in Kenya? Crazy?” Joseph does this for a living and the hazards of his job rank right up there with lion tamer. Buses, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, Mercedes, Toyota vans by the hundreds, medium size trucks, and donkeys pulling carts—they all jockey for position on roads without lines or shoulders but filled with pot holes. Talk about tight, dangerous road conditions! The government puts thousands of bumps in the road trying to slow Kenyans down a little so that the death count will decrease.

The psalmist knew that tight spots increase when we turn aside from God’s instructions in His Word. That’s why he prayed in Psalm 119: 44-45,

“And let me obey your Torah continually, forever, so that I may walk in broad, open spaces because I diligently seek your inspired instructions.”

As we crossed the Equator driving from Webuye to Nairobi, suddenly the asphalt was smooth (there were even lines painted in the center of the road). It was open space and Joseph could safely increase our speed. This is the freedom we have when we obey God’s guidance—inspired instructions found in His Word.  Even our political leaders need us to testify about the true liberation that only comes by obeying the LORD. This is the evidence that stops those who mock our convictions about God and His Word.

“And let me speak Your testimonies before kings and not be ashamed because I have delighted in Your commandments—commandments I love.” Psalms 119:46-47

Father, many Kenyans I met shared how they have lost respect for our political leaders in the U.S. because they are rejecting basic, obvious realities about right and wrong. I pray that today I will obey Your instructions. Produce concrete evidence in my life that obedience delivers from tight traffic jams and leads to broad open places and true freedom. Thank You that Your Spirit gives us the power needed to love and obey.

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