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Dave's Daily Devo - March 11

  • 2016 Mar 11

Under His Wings

Matthew 23:37-38

Mary and I were looking at a house a few days ago when the owner showed us a small room tucked away under some stairs. “This is where you huddle when the tornado siren goes off. In fact I’ve spent some anxious moments in here with my grandkids.” Chicks don’t huddle for protection in a safe room. They take refuge under the wings of their mother.

This week in our Devos we will be listening to Jesus in Matthew 24 predict the destruction of one of the wonders of the Ancient World, Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem. Before we label Jesus’ words as first century Christian hostility toward Jews, we need to read carefully what Matthew’s text stressed about God’s heart towards Jerusalem and His people forty-seven years before the Romans attacked.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you murder the prophets and you stone those I send to you. How often I would gather you under my wings like a hen who gathers her chicks, but you didn’t want it. Certainly, I will leave your house desolate.  For I say to you, you will not see me again and until you say, “’Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD.”

Jesus quotes Psalm 118:26. It speaks of a future time when the LORD would provide salvation for King David’s people—a salvation that would be provided by the Stone the builders rejected. I took some time to mediate on Psalm 118. It’s an amazing piece of prophecy—how it unites God’s covenant faithfulness, to the rejected Stone, to a future time when the Messiah will be welcomed by His people.

LORD, in the coming Devos  we are going to hear how your Son predicted times of war, famine, and earthquakes—stressing that these are the birth pangs before He appears and sets up His reign on earth. When faced with the mess before He comes, help me not to give way to fear and to abandon love for others. Help me to allow Your wings to shelter me. Keep me from willfully crawling out on my own.

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