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Pick Up The Broom - Dave's Daily Devo - March 5

  • 2019 Mar 05


Pick Up The Broom 

Mark 1:29- 31         

The house was packed with a lot of family members and the floor was filthy. “Hey, could you help me? How about sweeping the floor?” The twenty-something looked at the hostess in disbelief, “I don’t do brooms. I’ve never even held one in my hands.”

Now one of my friends, raised in India as a prominent Brahman, told me he didn’t even get himself a glass of water until he moved to the U.S. as a young man, but unlike the young woman, he quickly adapted to the fact that in America there’s not supposed to be an elite class served by the lower castes. In fact, Mary and I have attended dinner parties where he cooked up some of the best Indian food we’ve ever tasted. In this case my friend, a Sikh, lives a lot closer to the values of Jesus, than the Christian who distained the broom. 

The Apostle Peter’s mother-in law had a good excuse not to get up and serve. When Jesus and his disciples crashed her home after a long day ministering in the synagogue across the street, she was flat on her back with a burning fever. 

“Immediately, after heading out of the synagogue, Jesus entered the home of Simon and Andrew with James and John. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was lying down burning with a fever. Immediately after they told Jesus she was ill, he went to her and took her by the hand. The fever left her, and she began serving them.”  Mark 1:29-31

The word used to describe how this special mother-in-law started showing hospitality to Jesus and his disciples after being healed is the term used later in the New Testament for deacons in the local church. It’s a good insight. Leaders in Jesus’ household are not elites who won’t get their hands dirty. If the floor is dirty, they start looking for a broom. 

LORD, thanks that I can pray for friends burning with a fever and know that you still have the power to heal them and raise them up to keep serving. I pray for all of us who need to wake up to our selfishness and pride to realize that it’s really not that hard to use a broom.

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