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Dave's Daily Devo - May 13

  • 2016 May 13

Character Qualities that Last

Psalm 112

A couple days ago I asked you to see how many of the character traits you could find in Psalm 112. Psalm 111 presents some of God's dominant character traits as He reveals His story in the Bible and then Psalm 112 shows how He generates some of these qualities in us as we reverence Him.

Here is my list:
He reverences the I AM vs. 1
He delights in the LORD's commandments vs. 1
He is gracious, compassionate, and just v. 4
He lends freely v. 5
He conducts all his business with fairness and justice v. 5
His heart is steadfast because he trusts in the LORD. v. 7
He gives to those in need v. 9.

And here are the life results that the LORD generates in this person's life:
His "seed" is blessed from one generation to the next v. 2
His "horn" is strong in honor.
Power and wealth are in his house v. 3
His obedience to God's standards enables him to endure v. 3
In times of darkness he is given light v. 4
Good comes to him v. 5
He shall not be moved v. 6
He will be remembered for his righteousness v. 6
He is not afraid of bad news v. 7
He is not afraid of his enemies because his enemies are defeated v. 8
His heart is steady v. 8 & 9

Psalm 112 takes us back to the wisdom themes where the psalter started in Psalm 1. Reviewing these character qualities and then looking at the norm of what Mary and I have experienced in life gives encouragement but also correction as we live today. 

As some of you read this, I am over the Atlantic, returning to minister in Kenya. Pray.

LORD, Mary and I had a rough couple of days with some weird things happening to discourage us just before this trip. Help this chaos to be a harbinger of the blessings You are going to bring in these two pastoral conferences. Teach me to be gracious even when computer programs go crazy right when I need to turn in grades before leaving.

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