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The Tough Cases - Dave's Daily Devo - May 15

  • 2019 May 15


The Tough Cases

Mark 9:14-29

The comedian Flip Wilson got a lot of laughs spelling out all the things we excuse with “The devil made me do it,” but what does it look like when one of Satan’s agents actually does get a hold of someone? Check out the horror expressed by a dad as he describes to Jesus what was happening in the life of his young son. 

“Now when Jesus and Peter, James, and John came to the rest of the disciples, they saw a large crowd and the religious legal experts engaged in debate with them. The second the crowd saw Jesus, they were amazed and ran to greet him. And Jesus asked his disciples what they were arguing with the scribes about.

Then a man from the crowd asked, ‘Teacher, I brought my son to you. He has a spirit that has made him unable to speak. Whenever it seizes him, it throws him down. He foams at the mouth, grinds his teeth, and becomes rigid. I explained all this to your disciples that they might cast out this spirit, and they were not able to do it.’ Jesus answered, ‘O unbelieving generation, how long will I remain with you? How long will I put up with you? Bring your son to me.’ 

They carried the boy to Jesus, and when the spirit saw him, immediately, it convulsed the boy and threw him down. He was foaming at the mouth, rolling on the ground. Jesus asked his father, ‘How long has this been happening?’ ‘From childhood,’ the father answered. ‘Many times, it has thrown him into fire or water that it might kill him. But if you are able, help us. Have compassion on us.‘ Jesus responded, ‘If you are able? Everything is possible for him who is believing.’ Right away the father of the boy cried out, ‘I believe; help my unbelief!’ 

When Jesus saw that the crowd was running together, he rebuked the unclean spirit. ‘You mute and deaf spirit, I command you to come out of him and never enter him again.’ The spirit shrieked, convulsed the boy, and came out, leaving him as if he were dead. In fact, many said that he was dead, but Jesus took him by the hand, lifted him, and he stood up. 

When they entered the house, his disciples asked him in private, “Why were we not able to cast out this spirit?’ ‘This kind of spirit,’ Jesus replied, ‘only comes out by prayer.’

When one of the devil’s real agents seizes someone, the intent is not to get a laugh. It’s murder. From the beginning in Genesis 3, Satan lies with the intent to kill, and the demonic spirit that attacked this father’s son should make us all cry out against the destructive horror of Satan’s kingdom. 

What gets me is how Jesus carries on a conversation with the father while his son lies convulsing on the ground. Every EMT I know would have to leave the talk till later, but when you have authority like Jesus, the little boy was going to be all right.  

LORD, help us remember Jesus words about the importance of fervent, disciplined prayer when someone we love just doesn’t seem to be able to break the deadly power of the Evil One. Thank you that you demonstrated total mastery in this tense situation and, like this father, I cry out to you for more faith. Thanks that you didn’t come just to win debates with religious academics, but to bring life and sustained health to a little boy who desperately needed your help.

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