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Private Time - Dave's Daily Devo - May 16

  • 2019 May 16


Private Time 

Mark 9:30-32

Sunday night I had the privilege of officiating for my nephew’s wedding. My son, Josh, came all the way from Connecticut to surprise his cousin, but for me it was a very special time with my youngest son who hadn’t been back to Texas in two years. 

On the way to the airport we stopped at IHOP to grab some breakfast. “Dad, I need to start carving out that personal, private time with each of my kids, like you did with me.” Josh’s comment reminded me again of how important it is not to get so involved in public ministry that you don’t leave time for personal time with those closest to you. 

Jesus’ disciples were not getting it when he talked to them about the cross and the resurrection. So, like every good teacher, Jesus knew the power of repetition. Again, Mark tells us that Jesus had some private special teaching time. 

“They left that place and were traveling through Galilee. Jesus didn’t want anyone to know where they were because he was trying to teach his disciples. He was telling them, ‘The Son of Man will be handed over into the hands of men and they will kill him. After three days, he will rise.’ But the disciples could not figure out what Jesus was talking about and they were afraid to ask him.”  Mark 9:30-32

Don’t ever be afraid to ask when a teacher is trying to teach you something and you’re not getting it. Like the disciples, fear often keeps us from raising our hand, but a good teacher will not put you down for asking questions. It’s the question that might ignite the explanations we need. 

Understanding that Jesus would die and rise again and why is the most important truth any teacher ever tried to present. If you still haven’t understood the meaning of the cross and the resurrection, don’t be afraid to pray and ask Jesus to help you understand. (And keep tracking with us through the Gospel of Mark.) 

LORD, again, thanks for revealing that your original twelve disciples struggled to understand your most important lesson about your cross and the fact that you would rise from the dead. Help me to keep listening to your teaching about the meaning of your death and resurrection and to do everything I can to help my students at SBIC not to be afraid to raise their hands. 

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