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Dave's Daily Devo - May 16

  • 2016 May 16

Filling Homes

Psalm 113

I ran into Melanie in WalMart just before I left for Kenya. When I saw her, I couldn’t help but find myself spontaneously thanking the Lord. When she lost her baby girl, instead of turning away from Jesus, she turned toward Him. Layne, one of my fellow pastors, was powerfully used to minister to Melanie and her husband at that time of crisis. Like a lot of millennials, they could have turned away from Jesus and His family. Instead, they connected. But I actually had a stronger reason to praise.

In Psalm 113 the Psalmist has a special praise for what the LORD delights to give to a grieving mom.

“He causes the barren woman to sit in her home—a happy mom with her sons. Hallelujah!” - Psalms 113:9

So when I saw Melanie and her youngest boy, I said, “Josh, you’re going to be taller than me before we know it.”

LORD, bless Melanie today as she mothers her two special sons. Thank you for her and the small group of young women who are close to my wife, Mary, and who meet regularly to grow closer to You. Thank you that all ages, including millennials, respond to Your actual presence and give authentic praise when we see You meet the needs of the hurting.

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