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Dave's Daily Devo - May 18

  • 2016 May 18

Protection in Travel

Psalm 115:1-3

Before we left Nairobi, we prayed and asked the Lord for protection on the journey. The Toyota van ride from Nairobi to Kakamega, a little north of Lake Victoria, took us ten hours. Joseph, our driver, dodged hundreds of potholes, kept the front axle from breaking over miles of road under construction, plowed carefully through water, wind, and rain, and through it all he kept us safe. As we drove through one town, he said, “See all those people gathered at the side of the road? There must have been an accident.” When we got around the crowd and could see, a truck was down in a deep ditch in the water. On Sunday morning when Joseph picked me up to get me to church to preach, he said, “Dave, I heard about that accident on the radio. The drive apparently was talking, missed the edge, and went over.”

In Psalm 115 the psalmist tells us that the glory needs to go to God alone, not to us. The reason for this exclusive praise is that His loving kindness never fails us. We can count on His great faithfulness.

“Not to us, O LORD! Not to us, but to Your Name is the glory, for the sake of Your gracious, loyal love and Your faithfulness.” - Psalm 115:1

On the long ride, Joseph even parked alongside Lake Victoria and let us stretch our legs. It’s the largest fresh water inland lake in Africa, and the second largest in the world. (Only Lake Superior has it beat.) David Livingstone, the great missionary and Scottish explorer , believed Victoria was the headwaters of the Nile, but he went too far west, entered the Congo river system, and never proved it.  He was partly correct about the beginning of the Nile, but I think explorers are still tracing small tributaries upstream to finally get to that ultimate tiny drop that begins the largest river in the world. Praise the LORD we do know the source of His Living Water.

Note: My first trip to Kenya in 2015 gives you firsthand observations on how the Lord worked. Pray for me as I am in Kenya again.

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