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Dave's Daily Devo - May 20

  • 2016 May 20

Praising The LORD Forever 

Psalm 115

Jayden praised the LORD with his eyes. He wasn't able to do so with his lips because of a severe disability. When his breathing got tough and it demanded hospitalization up at Children's Hospital in Dallas, Corby, our worship pastor, would bring his guitar to Jayden's room. His eyes lit up as Corby strummed and sang.

Jayden and his mom moved to California, and while I was preaching up at Word of Life a few weeks ago,  Tammy sent me an urgent email to pray. Jayden was back in the hospital, this time in San Diego. Today Jayden no longer sings with only his eyes. He can now use his lips as well because he is home with Jesus.

Psalm 115 concerned me when it stated that the dead do not praise the LORD, instead they go down into the silence. What a downer! Does this mean that Jayden will be silent? I'm so thankful that the Psalmist didn't end with verse 17.

"But we will bless the LORD from this time on and forever. Praise the LORD!" v. 18

Now if the Psalmist in one verse states that the dead become silent and don't praise the LORD, how can he say in the next verse that those who trust the LORD will praise Him forever? The solution is that those who trust in the LORD aren't dead. They don't go down into the silence. Instead, when they leave earth that belongs to us humans, they go up into the heaven that belongs to God (Psalm 115:16). And who says that the Old Testament doesn't teach that there can be joyful, vibrant life after physical death?

Jayden, it was a special gift for me to have you as part of our church family in Midlothian for almost your entire life. I can hardly wait to see you again--this time standing up strong and tall. I'll join you singing in that praise that will never end.

Note: Jayden has now been home with the Lord for more than a year. Continue to pray for his mom and his siblings and thank the Lord Jesus that in Him we look forward to seeing him well and strong forever. 

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