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Dave's Daily Devo - May 25, 2017

  • 2017 May 25

Danger Zones

Luke 12:4-7


The rain poured in Webuye, Kenya. It was like the Lord had forgotten His promise not to destroy the world by water again. After a long day trying to get everything in place for the Truth Encounter Leadership Conference, Bishop Sammy Nyaranga was trying to make it home. The van defroster was useless. It was tough to see and going up a hill, Sammy got stuck. He immediately started going through his phone contacts, but all their phones were turned off for the night. Get stuck in the wrong place in Kenya late at night and your life is in danger.

Whether it’s the streets of Manhattan where I grew up or the narrow, potholed roads of Webuye, every place has its danger zones. In the time of Jesus there were danger zones as well. In fact as Luke increases the tension in his accurate account of Jesus’ life, the religious leaders begin to plot how they can seize Him and take His life. Faced with this imminent threat Jesus told His disciples and He tells us that our fear is misplaced.

“Now I say to you, my friends, don’t fear those who can kill the body and then can do nothing more. But let me direct your attention to the One you need to fear. Fear the One who after the killing has the authority to cast into Gehenna  (Hell). Yes, I’m telling you, fear this One.

Are not five sparrows sold for a couple of pennies? And yet not one of them is forgotten by God.  But even the hairs of your head are numbered. Don’t live in constant fear. You’re worth a lot more than sparrows.”  Luke 12:4-7

Listen! Don’t believe the politicians when they promise they can make you safe. Their physical life is in just as great a danger as yours. That’s true in Kenya and it’s true in the U.S.  We need to get Jesus’ point. He knows hell is a reality, contrary to a lot of popular opinion. And it’s hell that we need to fear that comes after physical death when everyone will face God as judge. But then Jesus turns away from this threat. His followers don’t need to be afraid of God as their Judge because in Christ God has become their Heavenly Father. The One who takes care of tiny birds can certainly be trusted to take care of His own kids.

Back to Pastor Sammy stuck on the road. About 1:30 AM a Webuye taxi driver showed up and pulled Sammy out of the ditch. It was 2:00 AM when Sammy finally made it into bed, but he was safe.

LORD, many hardly give a thought to Your judgment and the very real threat of eternal death in hell. They’re petrified of a terrorist attack or of being shot by a foreigner, but laugh at the idea that You will ultimately judge them. Move them to trust Your Son who took their judgment when He died on the cross. Use this truth in the lives of my readers who are scared to death today.

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