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Dave's Daily Devo - May 5

  • 2016 May 05

Unsolved Rape and Murder

Psalm 110: 2, 5 & 6

For eight months the volunteer teachers had been working in Kaeng Kha Shabuk, a small village twenty miles east of Muse in the Shan State of Burma, close to the Chinese border. Sent as volunteers by the Kachin Baptist Convention, they were in the village to teach children. Nang Seng, a 39-year-old woman responsible to look after the small Baptist church compound where the girls were staying thought something was wrong when she didn’t see the vibrant 20 and 21 year old teachers passing by her front door on the morning of January 20, 2015, with the children going to class. She quickly went over to the church to check, pushed open the unlocked door, and when she saw what was inside, her screams brought the entire village to the church.

The teachers’ heads were battered, their pajamas had been pulled down, and knife wounds systematically covered their bodies. There was evidence of rape. The entire province mourned and then cried out for justice. Five months later no charges have been filed.

Rape has been used as a weapon by Burmese soldiers and between 40 and 50 troops had arrived in the village the previous morning. The police have interrogated other young men and speculations about possible drug connections have been proposed. The fact is that few rapes bring charges in Burma and though two of God’s daughters doing His Son’s work were brutalized, so far there has been no justice. Will this kind of crime remain unsolved and unpunished forever? Psalm 110 answers these questions. It predicts that a ruler is coming and none of the “bad guys” will escape.

“The LORD sends forth from Zion your mighty scepter. Rule in the midst of your enemies. … The LORD is at your right hand; He will shatter kings on the day of His wrath. He will execute judgment among the nations, filling them with corpses; He will shatter rulers.” - Psalm 110:2, 5-6.

Jesus is the Messianic King David is talking about. On the cross Jesus did say “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” but Revelation ends God’s story speaking about how Jesus brings destruction to His enemies. Rapists and murderers definitely qualify.

His death on the cross makes it possible for all of us sinners, including rapists and murderers, to find His forgiveness. But the cross does not nullify the divine justice that will come to all those who remain hardened and unrepentant in their defiance. Jesus will bring justice for His own, Marana Lu Ra, 20, and Tangbau Hkawn Nan Tsin, 21, in the End.

LORD, persecution against Your own is increasing. Continue to comfort the children taught by these precious teachers with the truth that their beloved teachers are safely home with You. Help these children also to know that You are also the God of justice—the God who will shatter all those who remain hardened in defiance of You.

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