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Dave's Daily Devo - November 1

  • 2016 Nov 01

A Papa’s Joy

Proverbs 4:1-4


Neither my dad or mom were raised in homes that stressed having a personal relationship with Jesus. Mom was adopted into a successful physician’s family as a young girl and was raised to be a New York City debutante. My dad remembered his father talking about Billy Sunday, but it was to mock the baseball player turned evangelist. There was a good chance that the Wyrtzen family tree would not have any followers of Jesus, but both dad and mom, late in their teens, met Jesus. Their decisions began a legacy that’s being passed on to my grandchildren.

James, my youngest son’s boy, shared this before I baptized him.

“I believe Jesus died for me. He washed our sins away. He rose again. He lives in my heart because I prayed to Him when I was four. I want to be baptized to obey Jesus and to show you what Jesus did for me.”

The wise father in Proverbs tells his son to listen because he’s passing on the wisdom his dad gave to him. Jesus is the ultimate Wisdom our kids and grandkids can internalize. I pray that like James, my grandson, you can remember a moment when you put your total confidence in Jesus to give you eternal life.

“Listen, my son, to your father’s discipline and pay careful attention to the knowledge that will give you discernment. For the teaching I give to you is good. Don’t abandon my instructions.  For I, too, was a son to my father, precious and only in the eyes of my mother. Then he taught me, and said, ‘Take hold of my words. Keep my commands and live!’” - Proverbs 4:1-4

LORD, getting to baptize my grandson and also seeing my other grandchildren responding to Jesus is a priceless treasure.  I know that both of our parents, on Mary’s side and mine, now home with You, celebrate as You generate faith down through our family trees.

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