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Dave's Daily Devo - November 10

  • 2016 Nov 10

Intelligent Life from Beyond

Luke 1:8-11


Years ago when the engineers were tunneling a little south of our home in Midlothian to create the race track for the nuclear particles in the Super Collider, I got to eat lunch with one of the world-class physicists who had moved to our area. After hearing an elementary summary of the latest on the building blocks of the atom, I asked him what he believed. “I love science fiction, especially when it’s based on the latest research and anticipates possible future discoveries. I believe there is intelligent life out there, and when we connect, maybe we’ll get some answers.”

The thing that fascinates me? A serious scientist committed to rational, objective methods was very willing to talk to me about possible aliens from outer space. He was not nearly as open when I talked about the fact that the Bible tells us that supernatural beings have already connected with us.

For example, Luke begins his historical account of the Christmas story with an angel from Heaven telling an old man that God heard his and Elizabeth’s prayers. As a couple, they would soon experience great joy. God was going to give them a baby son named “John,” meaning Yahweh is gracious.

“Now it happened in the time when Zechariah was performing his priestly duties before the Lord in the fixed order of his division, according to the custom of the priests, he was chosen by lot to enter into the Temple of the Lord and burn incense.

All his people gathered outside for the incense burning were praying. Inside the Temple on the right side of altar where he would burn the incense, an angel appeared. When he saw the angel, Zechariah was terrified and fell down before him.” - Luke 1:8-12

Lord, keep opening my eyes to the fact that whether you’re a rational scientist, a mystical poet, or a secular- minded business person, we all have faith in a story deep inside. Use these devotionals to help many to actually read Luke’s account and to discover that his angelic announcements from heaven can bring great joy. After all, Luke records what the angel announced.

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