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Dave's Daily Devo - November 24, 2017

  • 2017 Nov 24

Overflowing Thanks

2 Corinthians 4   


It’s Thanksgiving weekend, a time to think back over our lives and thank God for His blessing. The Apostle Paul couldn't thank the Lord for his wife and kids, his comfortable home, and his comfortable salary. In fact when he reminisced about his journey, his life was filled with persecution, rejection, and abandonment. We'd expect him to be a bitter and depressed old man. Instead, he vibrated with enthusiastic thanks.

Listen to what he wrote to the Corinthian believers,

“Whether they beat me up, put me in prison or even if I’m rejected, it’s okay. I get discouraged, I get down, but I don't quit because my entire ministry is about the miracle—the miracle that took place on the Damascus Road when the Lord Jesus first blinded me by His Light, and then gave me eyes to see His glorious grace."    

If we've connected to Jesus, like Paul, we've got a source of thanks and joy that will keep lighting up our lives forever.

Happy Thanksgiving

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