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Dave's Daily Devo - November 24

  • 2016 Nov 24

Living Together at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Instead of a devotional from Dr. Luke this morning, I'd encourage you to do this. Make a list of the things, specific things that Jesus has forgiven you for. Make your list like this...what irritates me the most in my relatives? What irritates me the most in my mom? What irritates me the most in my dad? And then, ask, "Is that a problem that I have? Is that something that God has to forgive me for?"

To be honest with you, I find that the area that most perturbs me and most moves me to anger in somebody else is the thing that I'm angry with myself about. Sometimes I don't even know it. Jesus takes off all those masks and all that denial and makes us see ourselves the way we are. But the neat thing about, it is in the context of His love.

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