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Dave's Daily Devo - November 4

  • 2016 Nov 04

Living to Murder

Proverbs 4:14-17


A musician says, “I live to make music.” A track star declares, “I’m alive when I run.” The murderous criminal reaches a point where they say, “I live to kill.”  When a grizzly in Yellowstone gets a taste of human flesh and blood, they have to send out a kill squad to bring down the marauder.

The godly father in Proverbs reveals that it’s not only bears that get a taste for blood. The passion to murder can become so strong that the evil person doesn’t live to eat, they live to take lives. A wise son must know the reality of this threat and stay far away from the trail that this human bear haunts.

“Absolutely do not enter the path of the wicked. Don’t take even one stride in the way of evil men. Avoid it, don’t pass near it. Turn away and pass on by. For this violent criminal eats the bread of cruelty and drinks the wine of murderous violence.” Proverbs 4:14-17

In Genesis 6 God told Noah He would destroy the world because murderous violence had spread like an epidemic through the human race. In Proverbs 1:8ff the wise father exposed the seductive power of a gang that lived to destroy life. In Proverbs 2:12-15 he again warned his son against this threat (Prov. 2:12-15). Knowing the power of repetition, the wise dad returns to his warning. Unlike a video game, there’s no restart button when the bleeding begins.

LORD, over and over again we mourn the loss of life as mass murder plagues our schools, malls, and theaters. Help us not to ignore the warning signs. Help us realize that evil in the human heart is so bad that an individual can actually live to shed blood. Give us the courage to expose those we see who are beginning to walk down this bloody path.

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