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A Congenital Brain Aneurysm - Dave's Daily Devo - November 8

  • 2018 Nov 08


A Congenital Brain Aneurysm    

Hosea 8:4-6

A weakness in a brain artery can lie undiagnosed from birth. This vulnerable spot under pressure can begin to leak a small amount of blood that generates the worst headache of your life. Depending on where it is, there can also be double vision, eye pain, a stiff neck or even ringing in the ears. If the blood vessel ruptures, it means the ICU unit, and surgery to stop the bleeding, drain the blood, and repair the blood vessel. A congenital brain aneurysm is a weakness that was there from the beginning and is life threatening. Hosea exposes a spiritual aneurysm that threatened the life of Israel from its birth. 

When Moses lingered with God at the top of Mt. Sinai, Israel decided on the ground to build a golden calf, throw a wild party, and idolatrously worship (Exod. 32, Deut. 9:16). Many Israelites died as a result. 

When Solomon’s son refused to relax the oppressive forced labor and taxation, God gave the ten northern tribes to Jeroboam, but because Jeroboam feared that the people would turn against him when they went to Jerusalem to worship, he built two idolatrous calves-- one at Bethel in the south and one in Dan in the north.  The Northern Kingdom never removed this spiritual aneurysm—the idolatrous worship of the golden calves. In Hosea’s day it began to bleed and in 722 BC it brought death to the nation. 

“They crown kings but not based on my authority. 

 They install government officials but I don’t acknowledge them. 

 With their gold and silver they make for themselves idols. 

 On account of the idols they will be cut off. 

 Samaria, your calf is rejected. 

 My anger burns hot against them. 

 How long will they be incapable of purity!

 For this calf is from Israel.

 A skilled craftsman made it. It is not God. 

 It will be broken to pieces—this calf of Samaria. 

When the Assyrians attacked, they did more than break to pieces the idols of Samaria. They destroyed the people. I need to learn from their example that the thing that I might believe has the perfect line, has been built from just the right material, and makes me feel alive because I possess it, can’t give me one second of life. It’s actually a seed of destruction, an aneurysm that could blow at any time.   

Jesus came into my life to set me free from the false worship of any material thing so that I could know the source of life, the living God. He gives us the power to obey the 1stand 2ndcommandments. 

LORD, help me to be careful today not to bow down to any false gold or silver gods. Help me to be filled with love and adoration because you are my source of life, meaning, and hope (Exod. 5:6-7). 

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