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Defend Your Name - Dave's Daily Devo - October 24

  • 2019 Oct 24


Defend Your Name   

Daniel 9: 15-19 

Mention Rolls Royce and immediately we think of one of the biggest names in world-class automobiles. Henry Royce built his first motor car in 1904 and in May of the same year he met Charles Rolls, a man whose company sold quality cars in London. In March 1906 they built the six-cylinder Silver Ghost, formed the Rolls-Royce Company and were recognized as having the “best car in the world.” In 2018 they not only build cars but also put the jet engines in the Airbus A380 and remain renown for those luxury cars. 

Suppose we started to see their Ghost, Wraith, and Black Badge models broken down at the side of the road in England? Their sterling name would begin to fall into disrepute, and when you’re branded with one of the most iconic names for over a century, you need to act to defend your good name. 

When the God of Israel opened the Red Sea and set his people free from Egypt, Israel’s God was renown throughout the Ancient Near East. But in 586 BC when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the LORD’s Temple in Jerusalem, God’s name was called into question, and Daniel closes his prayer challenging God to defend this good name by setting his people free and taking them back home. 

“But now, Lord, our God, who delivered your people from the land of Egypt by your strong hand and made a name for yourself that endures to this day, we have sinned. We have done damnable things.  

O Lord, acting according to your just acts, please turn away your anger and wrath from Jerusalem, your city, your holy hill. Our sins and the crookedness of our fathers have caused Jerusalem and your people to become disgraced among all those who surround us. 

Now, our God, hear the prayers of your servant and his pleadings. Cause your face to shine upon your holy place, the place that has become desolate. Do this for your name’s sake, O Master. 

My God, open your ear and listen! Open your eyes and see that your city, the one that bears your name, lies deserted. We aren’t asking this based on our own righteousness. We are appealing to your great mercy. O Lord, listen. O Lord, forgive! O Lord draw near and don’t’ hesitate. Act based on your name for the sake of your city and your people.”      Daniel 9:15-19

Daniel prayed to the One with the name above all names, and we will discover that as soon as Daniel started praying, God sent his mighty archangel, Gabriel, to not only reveal Daniel’s people would go home, but when the Messiah would come. 

LORD, in my life glorify your Name today. Teach me to confess my sins and my brothers and sisters’ sins to you like Daniel.  By our lives bring praise to your name and powerfully turn us away from daily actions that cause your name to be disgraced.

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