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Dave's Daily Devo - October 4

  • 2016 Oct 04

Tuned In Ears

Proverbs 2:1-2


“David, did you hear what I said?” In almost forty-seven years of marriage Mary has had to check my attention gauge over and over again. I can be sitting there, watching her lips move, knowing that she is saying something, and not hear a word. Why? Because sometimes my internal mental reality has moved to a totally different place in the universe.

What we hear is more a question of where our heart, mind, and will are at a given point than the decibel level of the communication. The wise father in Proverbs knew this. This explains why he began his first one on one time with his son challenging him to “Listen!” (Prov. 1:8), and then he takes his son out on the street and lets him listen to Lady Wisdom crying out to young naïve teens, “Listen!” Then she spells out what happens to those who refuse her advice (Prov. 1:31-32).  

Today, in the second personal father-son talk, the wise dad spells out the gifts his son will receive if he pays attention, but he begins again with a challenge to tune in those ears.

“My son, if you seize my words, if you store up my commandments in your memory, if your ear listens attentively to wisdom, if in your internal core you reach out for skill in the art of living….” - Proverbs 2:1-2

LORD, my iPhone and my iPad constantly stretch out and try to seize my ear and my attention. Help me turn them off long enough to hear what You are saying to me. Help me tune in my ears not only to have things to teach others, but so I personally will find the security that comes because I’m listening to Your voice.

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