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Dave's Daily Devo - September 16

  • 2016 Sep 16

Teaching Real Business

Proverbs 1:5


On a flight back home from Denver, I sat on the aisle and Michael was in the middle. He had flown out for the Denver–Baltimore game. David Bruton Jr. , the Bronco safety, was his boyhood friend and had flown some of his buddies out for the season opener. After pointing out that Manning didn’t have his greatest game, and that his friend had caused the deflection that led to the interception that sealed the game, Michael went on to share about his used car business back in Ohio.

“In University I majored in business, but when I graduated, I wanted real world experience. Years ago, my grandfather, a professional poker player, decided to put down his cards and try his hand at selling cars. He told me that if I could make enough selling cars from his lot for a down payment, he’d let me take over the business. Man, did I learn from that old man. In business school I got a lot of high tech stuff –statistics, computers, spread sheets-- but my grandfather knew about people and about life. I worked hard and my grandfather kept his word. Now I’m carrying on his legacy—honesty, fair prices, cash in hand, and serving my customers so that they keep coming back when they need another car.”

Michael was a millennial (born 1980-2000), but he was smart enough to listen to an experienced man. The Lord was kind. He gave him a skilled grandfather willing to mentor him in the used car business.

Solomon challenges me as a baby boomer (born 1945-1964) to be like Michael’s grandfather in mentoring the next generation.  I need to stay enrolled in God’s school of wisdom and in touch with the young, including my own grandkids.

“Let the wise experienced person listen and let them add to their teaching. Let the one who has the discernment gain the ability to help steer others.” - Proverbs 1:5

LORD, protect me from the pride that can cause me to stop listening to Your instructions. Keep me engage with the younger generation, and to be like Michael’s grandfather who was willing to mentor his grandson.

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