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No Corruption - Dave's Daily Devo - September 24

  • 2019 Sep 24


No Corruption       

Daniel 6:4-5

“Dave, I can’t believe the level of animosity in Washington, DC. Politics have never been this dirty.” Those who make this claim forget echoes of the past.

Politics, east of Eden, is a dirty business, and enemies from either the left or the right will try to take out their opponents. Ecclesiastes warns against pining for the good old days (Ecclesiastes 7:10). It is true now and it was a little over five hundred years before Christ as the new Medo-Persian Empire took over. If you hold a position of power, there will be enemies who plot and scheme to take you down. And as Darius, the Persian King, made plans to make Daniel his prime minister, his enemies didn’t just try to deny him a position. They tried to take his life. 

“Then the administrators and the provincial governors tried to find a reason for charges against Daniel based on his conduct of governmental affairs, but they were not able to do so because he could be trusted, did not neglect his duties, or take bribes. Finally, these men said to one another, ‘We will not find any basis for charges against Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God.’” Daniel 6:4-5

When your enemies run background checks over your entire life, you can count on it. They will find something, and that’s what makes the statements of Daniel’s political enemies so out of the ordinary. They couldn’t find that he was untrustworthy, lazy, or corrupt. What they did conclude is that they would have to bring him down because of his obedience to the Lord. What a testimony!

LORD, make me trustworthy, diligent, and free from the love of money, like Daniel, today. Cause my devotion to you to be evident by the concrete way that I live every day. 

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