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Dave's Daily Devo - September 8

  • 2016 Sep 08

Sound the Trumpet

Psalm 150


As a pastor I’ve lost count of the number of weddings that I’ve officiated, but I remember vividly the wedding I practiced the hardest for. Gina grew up in our church. Chad, her fiancé, was the nephew of one of my dad’s most trusted advisors, and Chad and Gina chose to get married on New Year’s Day. An ordained family member would officiate, but Gina wanted to have a brass quintet play Trumpet Voluntary for her big entrance and Pachebell’s Canon in D to prepare the audience.

I was assigned the first trumpet, and my son, Jonathan, actually a French horn player, took the second trumpet. The Baritone and French horn players were accomplished, but Jonathan and I had to rise to the challenge. We had a little over a month to get our lips in shape, so the practice began. (Mary almost divorced me. She not only was going to miss some New Year's Day football, but she had to put up with all the discordant, loud noises coming from my study.)

The Big Day arrived and miraculously Jonathan and I, by God's grace, pulled it off and now Chad and Gina have four beautiful daughters.   

Psalm 150 reveals that God loves the strong sound of trumpets along with harps, lyres, strings, and flute—just think full orchestra. So it’s time for the musicians in God’s family to pick up their instruments and praise the LORD. The greatest marriage of all is coming—the Marriage of the Lamb!

LORD, powerfully encourage your children gifted to play instruments to play with all their skill and strength. In Brazil a couple of weeks ago it was so encouraging to hear my nephew practicing his trumpet, getting ready to play in his church orchestra. In our American churches rekindle the desire to actually play and sing and not just sit and listen as we gather to fulfill the command to praise given in Psalm 150

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