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Saved by a Kid - Dave's Daily Devo - August 10

  • 2018 Aug 10


Saved by a Kid

Acts 23:12-22

Last week I had three of my grandsons at a friend’s pool. After we were there for about a half hour, my friend’s grandson showed up with his aunt. She made sure that her little three-year-old nephew had on his water wings, even tested the temperature of the water, and then waded into the pool with him. The most skilled young mother could not have kept a more careful eye on the little boy—but this aunt was not in her fifties. After her drill team practice, she had picked up her nephew so he could play with my grandsons.

She’s a junior in high school. Young, but very capable. And when a secret plot to murder the Apostle Paul is put into action, God brings a young kid front and center to save the day for his uncle.

“Early the next morning after Paul’s first Sanhedrin hearing, some Jews initiated a conspiracy, taking a vow that they wouldn’t eat or drink until they had killed Paul. Now more than forty were involved in this plot, and some came to the chief priests and elders. ‘Curse on us if we eat anything before we kill Paul. Now here’s the plan. You tell the tribune to bring Paul down to you so that with the council you might accurately ascertain the facts about this case. And before he even gets close, we’re ready to kill him.’

When the son of Paul’s sister heard about this ambush, he went and entering the barracks told Paul what was going on. Immediately, Paul called for one of the centurions, ‘Take this young man to the tribune; because he has something to tell him.’ So taking Paul’s nephew, the centurion brought him to the tribute. ‘Paul, the prisoner, called for me and asked me to bring this young man to you. He has something to tell you.’  

Taking him by the hand, the tribune drew aside to a private place. ‘Now what is it you need to tell me?’ The young man replied, ‘The Jews agreed together to ask you to bring Paul down to them tomorrow to the Sanhedrin to ascertain more accurately about his case. Don’t let them persuade you because over forty men are lying in wait, and they have sworn not to eat or drink until they have killed Paul. Now they’re ready, waiting only for you to agree to bring Paul down.’ Then the tribune sent the young man away giving him this command, ‘Don’t speak with anyone about these things you’ve told me.’”    Acts 23:12-22

When God needed someone he could trust to uncover a murderous plot and get the news to a Roman tribune, he turned to a young man. When I was pastoring, I learned quickly that when it came to connecting with children in a vacation bible school,  middle schoolers in a summer camp, or teens in a before school Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle, if I wanted to connect, I needed to allow the Holy Spirit to use the gifts of teenagers and young college students. And this account where God uses Paul’s young nephew to save his uncle’s life assures me that this confidence in young people lines up with God’s heart.

LORD, yesterday morning I heard another pastor bragging about fifteen teens who for three weeks worked hard to reach children in parks all around town. Bless these teens as they begin school in a couple of weeks and keep moving pastors and church leaders to unleash the giftedness of the young in their church families.

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