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Discover the Book - Apr. 25, 2010

  • 2010 Apr 25

Who Controls You?


There in one word that determines everything about your future - control.


Who is going to control your life - you or God?

Who is going to take up your time - you or the Lord?

What is going to dominate the attention of your mind - your agenda or God's


I am holding God's agenda, it is called His Word. He wants to have the first and last word in your life. He wants to control you. He was in total control at the beginning. That is why salvation is called the new birth, you and I were totally helpless to make it happen, all we had to do is let Him birth us by His grace. We were powerless, lifeless, hopeless, and helpless.


He gave us His gracious power by His Spirit.

He imparted to us His very life for eternity.

He made us to live and walk in hope.

He became our Savior, Shepherd and Guide as our Personal Comforter to help and keep us to the very end of life and then get us home.


That is why Paul said, "As you received Christ - keep walking that way." Just like everything starts in the Christian life with God being the initiator, by God being in control - He says stay that way. Why did He say that? Because we don't often do that.


When God controls my time - He bears fruit from it spent for Him.

When God controls my treasures they bring an increase for Him that is eternal.

When God controls my attitudes He gets the glory as I bear the fruit of the Spirit in the soil of my heart attitudes.

When God controls my actions He gets to live through me, He gets the glory and I bear fruit that pleases Him and rewards me forever!


We want control. The battle that rages each day, hour by hour is all about who or what is going to control us. When we are in control we use an operating system called LUST (that is when our flesh calls the shots). When God is in control we use an operating system called THE SPIRIT. All of life is about control. The flesh lusts against the Spirit and a war wages. You are determining who is winning today by those little choices you and I make each day. Either we feed and strengthen the hold of the Spirit in our daily life - or the flesh.


So either we are growing in the flesh or in God. We are growing in lust (flesh controlling us) or Spirit (God controlling us). Who or what is controlling you?


Jesus wants to control more and more of my life.

That allows Him to produce His life in me - called fruit. He wants to farm more and more of my life so He can increase the fruit bearing of every growing season of my life!


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