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Discover the Book Apr. 25, 2011

  • 2011 Apr 25


The Unlimited Power of Unhindered Prayer in A Godly Marriage

As we open to I Peter 3 today, may I challenge each of you to one of Christ's greatest promises to us as believers?

  • Jesus said, “If you pray in faith you can see even that mountain moved” Mt. 17:20
  • If any two of you agree as touching anything, I will do it” Mt. 18:19
  • Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you” Mt. 7:7; Luke 11:9

The unlimited power of unhindered prayer in marriage is explained by Peter in chapter 3 to be in the context of a submissive, servant-hearted couple, living together in a harmonious, godly marriage. For us today we should remember that the majority of all adults in America are married. So our study today touches on most of us here. Either you are currently married, or will be someday be married, so this message from God's Word is for YOU!

But when you add two believers who commit to a godly, Word-filled marriage there is an incredibly high degree of delight plus incredible power for spiritual ministry added to that marriage, that others do not have.

Prayer is the Key

God has told us and His servants have shown us that prayer is the key to raising, nurturing, and launching children that please the Lord. We all should be in a personal, long-term plan to learn how to better and better pray for our children.

Let me just summarize what I mean. Ten years ago, I spent an entire year preaching through every verse in God's Word about marriage and family. Unknown to me a dear friend took my notes that I posted online every week from my messages and edited them down into a book.

Then they came to me with the manuscript for that book and asked if they could make that material available for missionaries to translate for Russian, Arabic, and Spanish speaking areas.  After the Russian version was published, we got an English version.

This book called the Word Filled Family, is the entire 464 page Bible study, and represents two thousand hours invested in prayerful study in the Bible of all that God has said to His people about how to allow His Word fill and overflow our marriages, homes, families, and lives.

But the key to all that He has for us is that we learn that the greatest power we have is prayer. If we are not praying regularly, and earnestly as a couple for our marriage and family—we are not following His Divine plan laid down for us in His Word. I could summarize the guidelines for parents to pray as:

A Four-Part Plan For Every Godly Couple

There are four elements in the lives of our children that we must be sure we ask, seek, and knock for at the Throne of grace and mercy. Those prayers invite the Hand of God to be at work in their lives to stir:

  • reality in theirspiritual life
  • integrityin their personal life
  • stability in their relational life
  • eternityduring their temporal/earthly life

We must pray in complete agreement as a couple, about our responsibility to cultivate reality in their spiritual life.

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