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Discover the Book - August 18, 2011

  • 2011 Aug 18


Cultivating Fruitfulness in the Lives of Believers

God is a Farmer, in His Word calls us His field (I Cor. 3:9), and our lives are searched by Him for fruit, that He can harvest from our lives. That is what we will see as we open to Revelation 2 today.

Much like the farmers all around us, and the many gardeners among us: if you want a good crop this year, the field needs to be prepared and worked.

Jesus desires from each member of His Body, a life that is plowed, planted, and watered:  so that we produce a harvest of fruit that pleases Him.

Jesus sent us a description in Revelation 1-3 of how He prepares and cultivates the lives of those in His Church. Since the days of John the Apostle, who wrote down Christ’s words: this is what the Lord in focused upon in each succeeding generation of His Church.

As we have been seeing these past two months, Christ’s Last Words to His Church in Revelation 1-3, are dominated by His desire to see us fruitful. That desire is explained and described these three chapters He wrote to us.

To be fruitfully bringing glory to God from our lives we need to be healthy. The Lord measures our health in four areas. Why not pause to do a spiritual health diagnostic?

Four Diagnostics to Reveal Our Spiritual Health & Fruitfulness

Today we each need to do a self-checkup of our spiritual health and fruitfulness. Remember, the healthier we are the more fruit God can produce through our lives. Here are some diagnostic questions:

  1. WORSHIP DIAGNOSTIC:Do you feel excited to be here at church and close to the Lord, with a heart tuned and already filled with Spirit-prompted worship: or are you distant these days from all that, and you even feel kind of far away from God?
  1. FELLOWSHIP DIAGNOSTIC: Do you love to meet with other believers and share what God is doing in each other’s lives: or can you hardly remember the last time your life was fruitful? Do you feel far from joy and peace, victory and blessing? In fact, do you secretly hope that no one gets too close today and asks you personal questions while you are here?
  1. DEVOTIONAL DIAGNOSTIC: Can you hardly wait to get started in our study of God’s Word today, and feel the same way each day of the week in your personal devotions: or does your Bible feel as heavy as lead when you pick it up?
  1. MINISTRY DIAGNOSTIC:Are you a conscious investor in ministry, looking for more ways to use your time and spiritual gifts to serve the Lord: or do challenges for you to jump in to serve and speak up for Christ bother you a bit, and even push you away? Do you sometimes wonder if you’ll get any reward in Heaven, and you just hope that you’ll get there? Has the zeal you once knew dried up, and become a far off memory?

If these, or a myriad of other telltale signs of spiritual listlessness and barrenness, have cast their shadows across your path, then Christ's invitation to His spiritual heart cultivation clinic is for you.

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