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Discover the Book - Feb. 21, 2008

  • 2008 Feb 21

The Foundation of a Word Filled Life


God, the Author Himself, He has come to open His Word to us. He has expounded upon the wonders of His own Word by inspiring one unique man named Ezra to capture a sermon by the Lord God Almighty on the Book of Books – Psalm 119 is a sermon about God's Word.


Psalm 119 is a Psalm or song written by God to summarize the power and purpose of His Word. Longer than all but three of Paul’s epistles – we have a book within a book, by the Author of the Book about the Book of Books!


Psalm 119 is a call by the Lord to each of us – to unleash His Word into our lives today. As we open to the 119th Psalm, we open to the greatest commentary ever written on the Bible.


Walking the Divine Path with the Divine Guide, down the Journey of Life.

  • Without the divine guide of the Word, of Jesus walking us through life – it is even more hopeless than being in a dark cave without a guide.


2. Listening to the Divine Witness testifying to the Truth that is sure & makes wise. There is only person that knows your future. There is only one map that leads to the right destination. There is only one witness that will always tell you the truth about your origin, your purpose, and your destiny. And that One is here and His record is in this book – God's Word!


3. Following the Divine Directions for Life that are right and cause great rejoicing. Have you ever tried to put a bike or wagon together without the directions? How about a desk or a lawn mower? It is hard – but what about the directions for life, for marriage, for parenting, for business… where are they? Right here in the Bible.


4. Obeying the Divine Orders/Decrees of our Heavenly Captain that are perfectly pure and which enlightens our lives


5. Reading the Divine Word to obtain the Will of God


6. Receiving Divine Instructions from the Ultimate Teacher giving Perfect Instructions that restores & transforms (Congo)


7. Building Life upon the Unchanging Decrees of God's Divine Decisions that are always true & vindicates (Wm. Borden) changing jobs, changing weather, upgrading, latest edition, newest version…


8. Practicing the Divine Condition of Fearing God that makes life clean & enduring (Bema)


9. Acting upon the Divine Righteousness that Balances all of Life



10. Using the Divine Plans or specs to build the Ultimate Life



11. Hearing the Divine Voice walking us all the way through life



Are you ready for the Lord to teach you how to unleash His Word into your life today?




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