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Discover the Book - February 27

  • 2021 Feb 27



Lord, Teach Me to Pray!

 Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach, only how to pray. 

How are you doing today in the most wonderful and available ministries available to all of us as believers?

Prayer is one of the few things we are asked to unceasingly be involved with. If prayer is something we are to do unceasingly, then we better know how to do it properly!  

When God's Word teaches us how to pray, it is very profitable to notice what God doesn't teach us about prayer: 

The Postures of Prayer 

First we can quickly see from the Scriptures that the Lord doesn't teach us about just one posture of prayer - because any posture will do.  In the Bible, people prayer in all different positions: 

·         Abraham's servant prayed while standing in Genesis 24:12-14

·         Moses prayed while bowing down in Exodus 34:8

·         The Israelites prayed in sorrow for their sins as they were sitting in Judges 20:26

·         Elijah prayed for rain on top of Mount Carmel with his head between knees in 1 Kings 18:42

·         In Babylon Daniel stopped to go home and pray out a window in his home facing Jerusalem's temple in Daniel 6:10

·         Jesus was praying on His knees face down in Matthew 26:39

·         When the leper approached Jesus with his deep need he did so kneeling in prayer in Mark 1:40 

·         The Publican Jesus commended prayed to the Lord while smiting his breast in Luke 18:13  

·         Jesus prayed for us as He walked from the Last Supper with uplifted eyes in John 17:1 

·         Paul encourages men to pray as they lift holy hands in 1 Timothy 2:8 

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