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Discover the Book - Jan. 18, 2011

  • 2011 Jan 18

Judges: The Deadly Danger of Compromise


The Book of Judges stands as the seventh book of the Scriptures. The message of this book sobers our hearts. All of us have the potential to fail as grievously as they failed. Sin is an ever present enemy to be hated and avoided at all costs. Compromising the Word of God or the walk of faith brings disastrous results. God commands us to steer clear of all worldly entanglements and pursue Him.


As we turn to Judges, we enter a book covering four hundred years of biblical history.  Several other important periods span 400 years in the Scriptures. Remember these Four Hundred years segments?


·         From Abraham's birth to Joseph's death is 400 years.

·         From Joseph's death to the Exodus is 400 years.

·         From the Exodus to King Saul is 400 years.

·         From King Saul to the Exile is 400 years.

·         From the prophet Malachi to John the Baptist is 400 years.


In the book of Judges we meet 12 judges, view 7 tragic cycles where Israel sinned, served, supplicated and were saved and 2 appendices portraying the deadly danger of compromise.




I.                     WALKING IN OBEDIENT FAITH REAPS DELIGHTS [1:1-18] A life of blessing, victory and conquest is offered by God and taken by them.


II.                   FORSAKING GODLY OBEDIENCE REAPS DISASTERS [1:19-16:31]   A life of defeats, bondage, servitude and captivity. We may ask how and why did they forsake godly obedience? What may we learn from their steps down?


A.                 They TOLERATED the enemies of God and did not drive them out! [1:19, 21, 27] They left remnants of the Canaanites lodged among them. Slowly the influence of sin pervaded their lives. That would be like Christians today holding on to cigarettes, alcohol, rock music and pornography.

B.                 They CYCLED downward in disobedience away from the Lord. Starting in 2:11  they sinned, in 2:14 God sold them to oppressors and they served, in 2:15 they cried to or supplicated  the Lord and in 2:16 He saved or delivered them. This pattern goes on for six more times. Each servitude is more fierce and harsh upon them.

C.                They  NEGLECTED pursuing the knowledge of God. [2:10] That would be a lack of prayer, Scripture reading and study, memorization and ministry. Do you read, pray, study, memorize and serve the Lord?


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