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Discover the Book June 12, 2011

  • 2011 Jun 12


The Four Wars: 1948-1973

In order to view modern world events in a biblical perspective, we have to take off the glasses provided to us by secular journalists and historians, and put on our biblical glasses that see the movements of the nations from the microscopic vantage point of Israel. Modern Israel has fought four major wars during the last fifty years, and each one has played an important role in setting the stage for the prophesied events of the Tribulation

1. 1947-48
War of Independence:restoration of Israel

Suez Canal: assertion of national sovereignty

Six-Day War: recapture of the Temple Mount

4. 1973
Yom Kippur War: solidified West Bank occupation

5. 1993
Intifada War: the right to exist!

Through all these wars, which were relatively minor in comparison with the World Wars but major for Israel's survival, the Satanic strategy was to destroy Israel through the Arab armies, mostly armed by the Soviet Bloc. But God protected His Chosen Nation through the sacrificial dedication of the Jewish people, and the support of the United States and a handful of other nations. If we do not recognize this titanic supernatural background behind the observable struggle, we are not looking at recent history from a biblical viewpoint. The four wars each played a significant role in the great struggle between the Lord and Satan over the preservation of Israel. 

What may be next? First remember the fundamental truth of Islam is that it has superceded both Judaism and Christianity. That is why there are Mosques built over the Temple site (Dome of the Rock) and the birthplace of the church (El Aqsa).

2nd the Koran declares that any land ever possessed by Islam is eternally theirs and may never be returned or even one inch given up (that is why the Moslems call the birth of Israel Naqba or Catastrophe).

Finally, the Koran says that no Moslem will ever be ruled over by a Jew (thus the tension over Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria).

So what may be next? One possible scenario is in a look at Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Jeremiah 49. The quick view is this: there will soon be a regional war for Jerusalem.

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