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Discover the Book - June 15

  • 2012 Jun 15


Replanted by God

One of the greatest moments in history was the moment that God’s Chosen people of promise were within a few days of almost total extinction. Never in all the countless years from Abraham’s call to the birth of Christ were they ever closer than in our study today. Please open with me to the 17th Book of God's Word is the only book in the Bible completely devoted to examining how completely the Lord is committed to the Preservation of Israel as His chosen people. That book is the Book of Esther and to that little 10 chapters just before Job and Psalms is where we will be today.

The Theme 

One of the most comforting and powerful themes of God's Word is the providence of God. Kings may issue their unalterable decrees, but God overrules and accomplishes His purposes. In seminary most pastors encounter the monumental works of Augustus Hopkins Strong’s Systematic Theology. In that massive work he states that providence was “that continuous agency of God by which He makes all the events of the physical and moral universe fulfill the original design with which He created it . . . Providence is God’s attention concentrated everywhere”. What an encouraging definition! “God’s attention concentrated everywhere.”

Throughout Scripture, God is revealed as the One who controls all things. He controls in sovereign freedom:
The thunder and the lightning,
The rain and the snow
The rivers and the mountains,
The heat and the cold,
The animals and the birds,
The cities and the nations,
The newborn and the dying,
The healthy and the sick,
The poor and the rich,
The weak and the strong,
The simple and the complex,
The ruler and the ruled,
The human and the demonic, and
The natural and the supernatural 

To see this played out in the life of Joseph & Ruth please click here.  

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