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Discover the Book Mar. 13, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 13


The Lust of Sin and David's Worst Moment

As we open to II Samuel 11, David has finally made it to the top. Giants are killed, enemies are dead, life on the run is over, and normal life has finally started for David. As we will see, it is precisely when things are going “great” that we face some of the most lethal spiritual pathogens.

We are lulled into thinking we don’t quite need the Lord as much as: when we were sick; or when we were single; or when we were unemployed; or when we were under attack.

Most people think wouldn’t it be nice to succeed, to make it, to win the lottery of life and have everything you’ve ever wanted. Actually, if you do a scientific study of those who have “made” it, most wish they hadn’t. Many find that great success often ruins their lives.

The greatest lesson of this chapter may well be:

Beware of Life at the Top

David is at the top of his career, a firmly established and secure King.

David is at the top of his family life with a good home and education for his children all safely settled into Jerusalem, his wives are all busy and have full lives caring for the kids and for David.

David is at the top of his spiritual life: he has written and published some of the greatest songs of all time like Psalm (or Song 23), Psalm 19, 101, 24, and on and on. David is at the top as far as he or anyone else but God could see.

But as we’ll see as we read 2 Samuel 11: 1-26 it was here in his strong, top of his life years—he was tempted and failed miserably (2 Samuel 11). These are fateful words of the dangerously powerful lusts of sin, and the worst moment of David’s life.

After II Samuel 11 we have a series of events captured by interweaving the record of II Samuel and I Kings with those incredible Psalms that flow from these final years of David’s life.

The Rest of the Story: A Big Picture Overview

God made the most of David’s failure by capturing for us what went on inside David and around him during the year of hiding his sin, covering his sin, and then confessing and forsaking his sin. Then for the rest of his life David wrote about what the aftershocks were like in his life. To the end of his life and even after, the results of his sin were still around, as in the rivalry between Adonijah and Solomon for the Throne.

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